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Digital advertising

Need to optimise your online presence and reach a specific audience? Rely on our expertise in digital advertising !

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, Linkedin, YouTube, and more: we have the right certifications and partnerships to reach anyone, no matter where they are in the world!


Digital advertising

A must-have! Digital advertising is both the present and the future of marketing communication. It enables you to reach your target audience precisely and effectively, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Digital advertising allows you to :

– Sell your products and services more effectively
– Make your brand, your site, your products known
– Attract visitors to your site and/or your social networks
– Retarget people who have already visited your site
– Acquire qualified leads
– And many more !

Using tools such as search engines, social networks, targeted advertising campaigns, online videos and banner ads, you can reach your target audience in a personalised and interactive way.

With digital advertising, you can also monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time and optimise your strategies on the basis of the results obtained. This allows you to maximise your return on investment and achieve your sales targets more quickly.


Our digital advertising channels

Advertising on a large scale

Google Ads, the essential

Pioneers in the field of digital advertising, Google Ads is essential for attracting visitors, boosting your sales or even making your brand known.

The Swiss Peak is a certified Google Partner, and our extensive experience in this medium is at your service to help you maximise the results of your advertising campaigns while identifying new growth opportunities for your business.

Campaigns on the Search network, Shopping campaigns, ads on YouTube, campaigns to attract visitors to your physical store and/or to your site or your application, the possibilities are endless!

Visibility on social networks

Meta Ads, your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger

Make your brand known on a large scale on Facebook and Instagram, the quintessence of social networks! Without forgetting WhatsApp or Messenger, which have revolutionized digital means of communication and which consequently benefit from millions of users.

A Meta partner, The Swiss Peak is at your disposal for any type of advertising campaign on these networks: acquisition of new customers, boosting sales, traffic on your site, development of your community, etc… the choice is vast and we will help you recommend the appropriate solution based on YOUR situation.

Reach your customers of tomorrow, today

TikTok Ads, simply essential

The TikTok revolution has overturned everything in its path, to the point that advertising on this medium is now essential if we wish to effectively reach certain segments of the population.

Advertising via TikTok Ads allows you to effectively reach a mainly young and very engaged audience, and thus develop the notoriety of your brand in the long term while benefiting from a huge gain in visibility from day one.

Through our experience on this network, The Swiss Peak helps you find new customers, increase your sales and retarget your visitors through tailor-made campaigns based on your specific needs.

The must-have for B2B advertising and qualified leads

Linkedin Ads, to target professionals

We set up targeted advertising campaigns on Meta to help you achieve your sales targets, while maximising your return on investment. We use advanced techniques to optimise your campaigns, using performance data to determine the best strategies for you.

We are convinced that social media can be a key element for any company wishing to develop on the Internet. That’s why we’ve developed specific skills in managing advertising campaigns on Meta for companies in different sectors.

Benefit from tailor-made advertising exposure.

Your presence in the biggest media in the world

CNN, BBC, Forbes, Vogue, Marie Claire or even Le Temps, 24 Heures, Blick, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 20 Minutes, and even the CFF application: this is a very small sample of the distribution possibilities that Teads allows , in Switzerland and abroad: the 500 largest global media are accessible there!

Through its dedicated platform and its famous “inRead” advertising format, Teads is an excellent way to reach a qualified audience, and/or to distribute your advertising in the desired context.

Trained on the Teads platform, The Swiss Peak can recommend the best placement based on your target audience and advertising objective, to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

A 360° presence

Benefit from one of the largest advertising networks in Switzerland

Spotify, influencers, broadcast on television, radio and in the press: our collaboration with Goldbach allows us to combine our skills and experience to offer you even more diversified and effective advertising campaigns!

Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer you multi-channel 360° advertising campaigns that combine the advantages of traditional advertising and digital advertising. This enables us to maximise the reach and impact of our advertising campaigns, while guaranteeing an optimum return on investment for our customers.


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