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Web Analytics & SEO

Position yourself at the top of searches using good SEO practices and thus increase your visibility. We can help you generate organic traffic to your site.

The role of MarTech in Web Analytics & Search Engine Optimisation


The tools and techniques

Display your website in the first search results on the various search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): This is an essential aspect of improving your digital visibility. We offer you a complete plan for improving your website’s SEO.

We analyse your data, look at how you rank against your competitors on search engines based on your specific keywords, and put in place an SEO strategy for your website over several months to improve your current positioning.

We work on two areas of work, technical SEO and content.

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Traffic analysis

Google Analytics (GA4) is the ideal tool for getting the most out of your customer data. It allows you to analyse the behaviour of people who visit your site.

Once properly configured, this tool allows you to measure all your web marketing actions, such as the effectiveness of your digital campaigns, the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, or even the improvement of the user experience of a e-commerce.

Our agency will implement Google Analytics 4 for you, setting it up on your website so that you can measure what you want. We offer you personalized targeting techniques. This tool is essential for any strategic approach to marketing.


Business Intelligence - Looker Studio

Data centralisation

View all your marketing data in a single interface

We create a personalized dashboard for you, simple and quick to analyze. This solution therefore represents a real time saving for the person who uses it, especially since it is possible (and easy) to share the dashboard.


Your data in real time

Thanks to real-time data, you can effectively communicate up-to-date results and make immediate decisions.



SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising a website and its content for search engines. Here are the 2 areas in which we work:

Technical SEO covers the optimisation of your website to meet the requirements of search engines such as Google and Bing. We use a range of tools and techniques to help you achieve the best possible ranking. We use a range of tools and techniques to help you achieve the best possible ranking.

Content is King. It must answer the questions that your target audience might have. The semantic lexicon used is very important. We take into account search volumes and search intent to help you optimise your web content.