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CRM & Lead Generation

Manage your database and implement lead activation strategies.

Lead nurturing, lead scoring, optimisation of the sales funnel, creation of automated scenarios, segmentation of your database… We take care of everything.


Marketing CRM

Automate certain tasks in your marketing and sales process through a CRM, and save time by optimising the development of your business. Although we are ActiveCampaign and Brevo specialists, we recommend THE software adapted to your needs.

The question that arises is: Which CRM to choose? We have the expertise and experience to find the software that’s right for you. The most complete CRM is not necessarily the most recommended, just as the CRM used by your competitor is not necessarily the one you need! Every business is different, we are here to guide you and support you in your choice. Read our article on this subject.


Implementation of the tool

We implement the CRM for you and configure it for your digital ecosystem and your website. Domain name identification, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, we manage all these aspects. The goal is to prevent your marketing emails from falling into spam!

Cleaning & Structuring

Your database, a gold mine!

We clean your database and structure it with you. The goal is to provide you with a healthy and fully usable database for your future marketing actions.

We support you to preserve the quality of your data and avoid legal compliance problems (GDPR, nLPD). We continuously improve the customer segmentation of your database.


Lead Generation

Once your CRM is implemented, we work with you on the strategic aspect of your business: How to attract your future customers to your database, how to capture their intention and how to convert them into customers.

Attract visitors and transform them into qualified leads

Whether through search engine optimisation (SEO), the creation of paid advertising campaigns (SEA) or even work on your website (improved user experience), we have the expertise to attract your future customers!

The goal is to obtain an email address and contact information, so that you can save them in your database and contact them later.

Enrich your database and convert a lead into a customer

Your database grows, we help you segment your leads based on their actions, and target them with the right message, at the right time, on the right medium throughout their customer journey, in order to establish a relationship personalized with each of them!

The goal is to automate this marketing process via marketing automation scenarios and save you precious time!

We have extensive experience in marketing automation and the implementation of automated scenarios. If we have covered several international mandates (in B2B and B2C sectors), our experience has shown us that the return on investment and time savings of such automated processes are incredibly impactful on SMEs and young businesses!


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Our Methodology


Clean up your database so that it is safe to use

  • Preserve the quality of your data: To be effective, data must be accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  • Avoid compliance problems: By cleaning up your customer database (regularly), you can ensure that you comply with the GDPR.

  • Improve customer segmentation: Clean, up-to-date customer data enables you to segment your customer base more accurately.

  • Save money: By cleaning up your customer database (regularly), you save effort by eliminating duplicates and ensuring that you don’t send messages to obsolete or non-existent addresses.


Structuring and optimising your database with the aim of segmenting it

  • Easier access to data: By structuring your customer database in a consistent way, you make it easier to access relevant information about your customers. This enables your sales and marketing teams to quickly find the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Improve data quality: You can eliminate duplicates, standardise data entry formats and eliminate obsolete information. Data accuracy and reliability are improved.

  • Improve customer communication: You can personalise messages according to their market segment or buying behaviour, for example. This helps to strengthen relationships with customers by showing that you understand their needs and preferences.


Classify your database according to its engagement using scoring

  • Identify the most engaged prospects and customers: By scoring your customers’ engagement you can identify those who are most likely to buy or remain loyal to your brand. This helps you focus your marketing (and sales) efforts on the most promising prospects and customers.
  • Personalise communications with customers: you can personalise the messages you send them. You can send different messages to highly engaged customers than to less engaged customers to maximise the impact of your communications.
  • (Still) improving the quality of your customer data: You are always in the process of improving the quality of the information in your database.
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns: Scoring helps to increase conversion rates and improve the ROI of your campaigns by focusing on your most engaged customers and/or those most likely to respond according to your targeting criteria.


Automate marketing actions in line with defined objectives and strategy

  • Save time on your marketing actions: Automation allows you to save time by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Eliminate human errors: such as input errors, data errors or communication errors. Ultimately, this helps to improve the quality and reliability of your communications with customers.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: You can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with information faster, more efficiently and more personally. This helps to keep your customers engaged and loyal to your company.