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Our Methodology

We are aware of the situation on the ground, which is why we act on three levels of intervention.

All our actions have a common goal: performance! CTR, CPC, CPM, ROAS are the main metrics that will allow us to adapt your marketing activities to optimise your KPIs.

We usually start with an analysis of your digital ecosystem to ensure that we maximise the value of our services to your needs and situation. Understanding your digital ecosystem is fundamental in order to position yourself among the three levels below. The goal of setting up an optimal digital ecosystem is to allow you to target the right person with the right message, at the right time and in the right place.


The Basics

Is your digital ecosystem up to date?

Whatever your digital maturity, we’ll make sure your digital foundations are sound and adapted to your needs. We analyse the configuration of your various digital tools as well as their relevance according to your situation and sector of activity.

We also prioritise based on your situation and help you structure your ecosystem according to your most urgent needs.

Some examples to better understand

… and you want to have a digital presence (showcase site, opening accounts on social networks). We bring you our expertise.

For an equivalent budget, it is possible to obtain much better results on the same ecosystem via Meta’s professional tools, which allow you improved targeting, among other things.

If you are new to using these, we offer you adapted solutions at lower costs with ready-to-use automation scenarios.

The fundamentals

  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Search Console
  • Meta Business Manager
  • Meta Pixel/API
  • Domain Name Verification
  • H1, H2, H3 structure, …
  • Title tag
  • Meta Description
  • Alt Texts


The Optimisation

Is your digital ecosystem optimised?

Before suggesting new digital approaches, with all the time and investment that this sometimes entails, we would probably recommend that you work on what you already have to improve and optimise it!

Small improvements can lead to big progress, relatively quickly. After analysing your situation, and always according to your needs, we’ll recommend which improvements to incorporate and in what order of priority.

Some examples to better understand

We audit your global web ecosystem and we put in place the necessary tools for GDPR/nLPD compliance.

If your website is not optimised in terms of content and/or performance, Google will send you traffic via the campaign but will penalise you heavily because it considers the quality of your landing page to be inferior. As a result, you’ll spend a lot more to get mediocre results.

We optimize your site to make it more efficient, both from a technical and content point of view (speed, accessibility, SEO, etc.), and thus climb in the results, with patience.

Through marketing automation and different scenarios developed together, we improve the engagement of your customers and make them more loyal to your company.


Your needs


The Growth

Looking to boost your growth?

Digital marketing tools offer huge opportunities for your company to grow. Our role is to guide and advise you in the choice and integration of these tools.

For some, this will mean simply rolling out your communications across new, as yet unexplored channels. For others, perhaps already more advanced, it will be a matter of refining your acquisition funnel, setting up lead scoring or even implementing various marketing automation scenarios.

We may first recommend that you optimise certain elements of your digital ecosystem, or even create certain foundations necessary for growth.

Some examples to better understand

We implement a customer acquisition strategy, organically or via advertising campaigns, and give you turnkey solutions to activate them quickly.

Among other things, we’ll use this tool to understand your different customer profiles, which ones are the most profitable and how best to pamper them so that they remain loyal to you. Similarly, we will identify which customers only buy when you offer special offers (discounts, etc.) so that we can target them with specific offers to increase their customer value.

… for example, sports exercises to promote your food supplements or sports equipment. Visitors to these exercises are potential customers, but you don’t necessarily know who they are. We’ll ask them to enter their email address when they consult the 2nd exercise, so that we can contact them later with an offer tailored to their needs.

The fundamentals

  • Looker Studio
  • Microsoft Power BI


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